eEvaluation of chemotherapy record to the patient medication notebook by cancer patients and community pharmacists in Japan.f
74th FIP World Congress

eEvaluation of chemotherapy record to the
patient medication notebook by cancer patients
and community pharmacists in Japan.f
◦InFF14 - Short oral presentations of the FIP
Community Pharmacy Section on Wednesday,
3 September 2014, 9F00-12F00
◦AtF2014 FIP Congress in BangkokiThailandj
◦ByFMIYAJI, FutabaiKitasato University
Hospital, Pharmacy, Sagamihara, Japanj
◦Co-authorisjFKOKUBUN, HideyaiKitasato
University Hospital / Department of Pharmacy,
Sagamihara, JapanjKATO, Makiko iKitasato
University Hospital / Department of Nursing,
Sagamihara, Japanj SENGOKU, NorihikoiKitasato
University Hospital / Deaprtment of Surgery,
Sagamihara, Japanj ATSUDA, KoichiroiKitasato
University Hospital / Department of Pharmacy,
Sagamihara, Japanj
T. BackgroundFPatient medication notebook
has been spread over Japan in order to share
the medication information among multi
medical institutions. However, chemotherapy
information has not been actively opened
to the outside of our hospital. We initiated
to give chemotherapy information and
adverse eventiAEj sheet as a stickeriChemo
Stickerj to the medication notebook.
U. AimsFTo evaluate Chemo Sticker service,
a cross-sectional survey towards cancer
patients and community pharmacists was
V. MethodsFQuestionnaires were distributed
to the two objectsG1jBreast cancer
patients who were initially started adjuvant
chemotherapy. A hospital pharmacist
gave Chemo Sticker after the first chemo
administration. Patients were told to record
their symptoms into the AE sheet and bring
to community pharmacy. The questionnaire,
which comprised adherence, was given
after the completion of the regimen. 2j
Pharmacists in the near 4 community
pharmacies were subjects of the other
questionnaire comprising patient counselling.
W. ResultsF1j14 patients and 29 community
pharmacists participated in this study.
10 patients carried the notebook every visit
and 4 patients counselled with community
pharmacists. There were 3 patients who
used AE sheet. Most patients who did not
use AE sheet had their own diary. 2jMore
than 90% of pharmacists reported some
difficulties in cancer patients counselling.
Those were mostly because of uncertain
treatment component and informed consent.
34% of pharmacists had seen Chemo
Sticker and reported its usefulness with
certainness of the treatment component. All
pharmacists showed their positive attitudes
in the use of Chemo Sticker.
X. SummaryFIt was found a few patients
utilized medication booklet although most
patients carried it. On the other hand,
community pharmacists showed the
strong willingness to use Chemo Sticker.
Therefore, we need more enlightenment of
Chemo Sticker and shared information with
community pharmacies.